things i don’t understand

I might be more committed to blogging now, but not committed enough to actually read about them. (it’s in the plans) The things that bother me most now are: 1. trackbacks 2. technorati tags. I see them on other blogs and don’t know how they work or how the do or don’t work in my blog.


One Response to things i don’t understand

  1. Evan says:

    Technorati tags are just something that allow people to more easily search for your posts on Technorati. I don’t use them, and I’m guessing most people don’t. If you want your post to be found on Technorati, then you care.

    Trackbacks are something you do when you want someone else to know that you’ve linked to one of their posts. It notifies the other blogger that you’ve linked, and provides a link on the other blogger’s post so that his/her readers can visit your post. I don’t use trackbacks all that often either.

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