The music project I should be working on

September 21, 2006

You might know that last year, I thought I was going to try to start a competitor to pandora. I read 2 papers about collaborative filtering, and then went back to playing halo, sudoku’s and other forms of procrastination. I discussed it with Soog and obviously didn’t fulfil my end of the partnership.

There were two things that I thought were key, the first being we weren’t going to pay liscensing to the musicians. After all, we were providing great value by matching up artists with people that like them. This meant having mostly independent artists with possibly an enlightnened label. The second key was letitng the artist sell their music, with or without drm, for a price that they set. The largest complaint I hear from music pirates is that the price of cd’s is outrageously high and the label gets 99% of it. In our system, the price would be whatever the artist sets, and the artist would get some fixed percent, say 90, of it.

It’s easier not to feel bad about stealing from a giant company, but it’s harder to justify to oneself if one knows that of the 50 cents it would have cost 45 are being taken from the artist. I still haven’t seen anyone do this, but I don’t know the details of the deal with facebook selling music. On a related note, I love the Garden State Soundtrack, and am probably going to buy a bunch of cd’s of the artists on it.

In conclusion, I agree that the situation sucks right now where you have to pay a bunch of money to find out if you like a cd. I think the labels served their purpose in the old days by scouting talent. I agree that the laws are slanted right now in favor of the labels and that should be changed. Finally, I agree that it would be good if the labels went out of business, which is why I think this is a good business idea. Replace them as a much nicer and more agile and less expensive middle man. However, downloading music is stealing property, though it be artificial property.


5 Tips to Increase Your Likeability

September 21, 2006

As seen on reddit:

It is very good general life advice about getting along with others. They are hard to implement, but worth a try, I think. I don’t really have anything to say about it, though. Go read it.

Just too tired

September 21, 2006

Statyed up late last night working on moola. I plan to update the blog this weekend, changing the layout so that the blogroll and such are on the right side. I might drop $15 so that I can edit the css, or maybe I’ll get someone to host a site for me like dan did and host a wordpress blog there. That seems slightly preferable in the long term. Went to the nat’s game tonight. It was tough to watch, and it’s frigid here: 57 degrees right now. That’s 14 degrees celcious and 287 kelvin. Will post more in coming days.


The unday

September 18, 2006

I woke up today feeling some effects from last night. Thirsty, I thought I’ll have two glasses of pinapple orange juice. It turns out that was a bad idea, as my empty stomach couldn’t handle that much acid. The rest of the day was spent lying around, bemoaning life, and watching movies and football. The last one I saw: Unleashed.

It’s time for bed, and

I’ve got 50 blogs unread.

Better feels my head

Tomorrow I’ll feel dead

3 days of blogs

September 15, 2006

Here is my response to 3 days of unread blogs:

I don’t care about apple.

I do care about nbc. It’s cool that they are streaming their shows. Too bad they aren’t abc, fox, or the impossible hbo. Right now my 3 shows are: House, Grey’s Anatomy, and Entourage.

I started reading blogs with techcrunch. He got me to Scoble, and he got me to a ton of people. I’ve gotten to the point, now, that I pretty much ignore techcrunch. It interested me at first because I was new and didn’t read personalites (rory, scoble, hugh).

Goodbye, techcrunch, I’m going to unsuscribe from you, we had a lot of good times. You introduced me to moola and many others.

Surreal Life

September 15, 2006

I hate having information not online. I want my browser history online, indexed so that when I want to find that random thing I read 3 weeks ago, I can find it as fast as I find things in iTunes. What made me think of this was A VC:

But something odd has happened to me lately. I don’t want to write in a desktop software application anymore and I don’t want to save my documents to a local drive.

I use two operating systems and 3 computers regularly. Having my life (gmail, google reader, meebo, this, rememberthemilk, google calendar) online means that I can access it from anywhere.

Back again

September 14, 2006

I got back tonight and feel newly motivated to do things in life.  I worked on my moola game strategy program over the weekend. It’s been on my list of things to do since this summer and I finally got around to programming the logic to solve it. I still can’t present it and the last program I wrote used up all of my memory, so we’ll see what happens.

I’m doing laundry and am going to catch up on blogs, so I’ll lset you know if I find anything interesting.

If you want to try out moola, let me send you an invite.