Crazy Facebook (better late than never)

So I finally catch up on blogs and find out that I’ve missed the boat with respect to facebook. I log on and love it, for the same reason I use google reader instead of going to my 40 blogs independently. 90% of the items in the feed relate somehow to the topic, and almost all of them are negative. How did this happen?

  1. People were unpleasantly awoken.
  2. There was a movement.

Facebook facilitates so much social interaction, focused primarily with ones good friends, that people forgot how public a forum it was. The way I see it, “normal” facebook users logged on occasionally and checked out their good friends pages regularly to see what was going on. Where I come from, there was something of a stigma attached to people who spent copious amounts of time examining random people’s pages. Add to that the phenomena of “facebook friends,” where it’s rude to decline a friend invitation of even someone you barely know.

Enter “News Feed.” Everyone starts seeing somewhat personal, timely, and topical information about people they barely know. They suddenly realize that their facebook friends can see the same things about them. Many of their friends have already said that they think it’s creepy and in fact, the new feature makes it easy to see that your friends are joining groups like, “If I were a creepy, stalking pedophile, I’d ❤ the new facebook.” You of course, jump on the bandwagon.

Dan says,

it makes me feel bad every time I log on
I really don’t need to know that your relationship status just changed
or that you wrote on one of your friends’ wall
it’s like it forces me to be a stalker
sure there’s nothing you couldn’t have done before
you just would have had to run your own facebook crawler
which would make you a huge stalker

agreeing with my view that it comes down to the difference between normal users and stalkers. I have to say, I enjoy reading little tidbits, even when it’s a little sad, like one of my friends becoming single after a long relationship. Maybe I’m just a stalker at heart.


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