Surreal Life

I hate having information not online. I want my browser history online, indexed so that when I want to find that random thing I read 3 weeks ago, I can find it as fast as I find things in iTunes. What made me think of this was A VC:

But something odd has happened to me lately. I don’t want to write in a desktop software application anymore and I don’t want to save my documents to a local drive.

I use two operating systems and 3 computers regularly. Having my life (gmail, google reader, meebo, this, rememberthemilk, google calendar) online means that I can access it from anywhere.


2 Responses to Surreal Life

  1. danvk says:

    I totally sympathize with wanting more access to your browser history. A few months ago I decided to do something about it… You should download the Google Browser Sync extension for Firefox. It’ll sync most everything you could want between browsers on different machines, including history. Then bump your history up to 10,000 days or something ridiculous like that in Firefox.

  2. trikyguy says:

    That’s cool. You might like FEBE . Instead of saving your settings onto the internet, it saves them to a file, but it also saves all of your installed extensions to the file as well. That way, it’s easier to syncrhonize all the extensions and settings across multiple computers. It would be preferable to have it stored on the internet, though.

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