Baseball Playoffs

October 17, 2006

Having gone to bed early last night and missed an incredible comeback, I think I’m going to watch this game until one teams takes a serious lead. At this moment, it’s only a 1 run lead in the bottom of the 5th with 1 out.

Update: Now it’s two outs, bases are still loaded. I’ll update as the game progresses.

They managed to get out of the ending. There is some technical difficulty on the part of Fox, though. As was our motto during spring break 05, I guess “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”


Meaningful Life or Death

October 16, 2006

gapingvoid has a piece on the relative value of work and leasure in modern society entitled, “Meaningful Work or Death.” What do you think of it? The people in the comments raise some good points about the importance of balance in life. Sort of what I take away from it is the desire to enjoy my work as much as Hugh obviously does.

Hello Grey’s

October 16, 2006

Dan was right. It was a good episode. I did go running back to my dvr and made up with the characters of Grey’s Anatomy. I’m upset with the producers for misleading me into thinking Grey was pregnant.

You can watch the episode online here.

woot (the internet sale)

October 12, 2006

Woot is having a woot-off right now. I bought an underwater camera for $13, including shipping. Aside for those who don’t know woot: (Normally they sell one item per day at a steeply discounted price. Either the item sells out, an they sell nothing, or the end of the day is reached. Either way, the next item shows up the next day at midnight central time. Occasionally, they have a woot-off where they have smaller quantities, and as soon as one item is sold out, the next item shows up. The best part about woot is their community discussion of the products.

I also bought a portable video player from them a couple days ago. I need something to play music or videos while I waste my life on the metro. I had been considering other options (trying to convince you this wasn’t a $300 impulse buy) but when this came up on Woot I had to jump at the chance. I’ll let you know how these things turn out.

Goodbye Grey’s

October 12, 2006

I’m exhausted today because I watched 3 hours of tv last night instead of none. (Lost, the Nine, last hour of jarhead) I’ve managed to come home today, eat dinner, do laundry, read blogs, and not turn on the tv. The plan was to force myself to wait till Grey’s, but the time came, and I still wanted to read blogs, and I felt tired, so I’m saying goodbye. Things might have been different if I could have avoided learning that Meredith is pregnant from ubiquitous commercials. But like they say, “why buy the cow when the milk is free?”

I’m probably just in a sour mood and will run back to my dvr tomorrow, but we’ll see. Right now, I don’t want to watch another stinking show on my roommate’s beautiful, sharp, lifelike, 61-inch hdt…

Google Reader, one good, one okay, and one unimportant

October 5, 2006

The good(great):  one click sharing. You read a blog post, like it, and share it. Mine are here. (I will be putting gapingvoid cartoons on there that I think are funny.) You should subscribe until it makes you sick. I will put up a page on the importance of feed readers and rss later.

The okay: Star is good. I had been using unread to achieve this goal. I’ve got 20 starred items that you will see in upcoming blogs because i’m too lazy to do them now.

The unimportant: The sidebar. I scan everything that comes in, so it doesn’t matter if the sidebar is folders or river of news. Head over to all items, get to the bottom, and start pressing k. (List view of course.) I’ve subscribed to dan’s shared items. What are yours?