Google Reader, one good, one okay, and one unimportant

The good(great):  one click sharing. You read a blog post, like it, and share it. Mine are here. (I will be putting gapingvoid cartoons on there that I think are funny.) You should subscribe until it makes you sick. I will put up a page on the importance of feed readers and rss later.

The okay: Star is good. I had been using unread to achieve this goal. I’ve got 20 starred items that you will see in upcoming blogs because i’m too lazy to do them now.

The unimportant: The sidebar. I scan everything that comes in, so it doesn’t matter if the sidebar is folders or river of news. Head over to all items, get to the bottom, and start pressing k. (List view of course.) I’ve subscribed to dan’s shared items. What are yours?


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