woot (the internet sale)

Woot is having a woot-off right now. I bought an underwater camera for $13, including shipping. Aside for those who don’t know woot: (Normally they sell one item per day at a steeply discounted price. Either the item sells out, an they sell nothing, or the end of the day is reached. Either way, the next item shows up the next day at midnight central time. Occasionally, they have a woot-off where they have smaller quantities, and as soon as one item is sold out, the next item shows up. The best part about woot is their community discussion of the products.

I also bought a portable video player from them a couple days ago. I need something to play music or videos while I waste my life on the metro. I had been considering other options (trying to convince you this wasn’t a $300 impulse buy) but when this came up on Woot I had to jump at the chance. I’ll let you know how these things turn out.


2 Responses to woot (the internet sale)

  1. Craig says:

    I can’t find any mention of your woot products again… how did the video player turn out?

  2. David Everist says:

    Woot is a rip off. They didn’t include everything in the package and stole my money. BEWARE OF WOOT!!!!!

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