TVNewser is read by all

November 24, 2006

is a story about a college student who started a blog about TV News that is now the talk of the industry.


The Prestige (5/5)

November 24, 2006

Perhaps I’m inclined because I dabled in magic tricks when I was younger, but I loved The Prestige. Like The Departed and Little Miss Sunshine, I wanted to analyze everything after the movie. If you need to know a tidbit about the movie, it’s about two competing magicians.

***** Spoilers/Analysis *****

Seriously, read on only if you’ve seen the movie.

I’d like to go watch it again, but my favorite parts of the movie are the meta discussion and the ending. There are a couple times where the dialog/naration isn’t about the story, it’s directly targeted at the watcher. The clearest example of this is the movie is mostly about finding out how tricks work, but of course you don’t find out how the final trick works.

It just made sense why Borden says he can’t remember which knot he tied. In the end, like most magic tricks, it’s all so simple and relies mostly on misdirection. There is something to be said about the similarity between suspense movies and magic tricks.

New Zooomr Account

November 23, 2006

I’ve joined zooomr. Mainly because if you have any sort of blog, they give you a free pro account. Also because I read thomas hawk. Also because I like the underdog, so I’m going with the newer startup. The way you claim your pro account is upload a photo like this one:

only the beginning

Then you point zooomr at the this link, and get the upgrade. At least that’s what I assume will happen in a couple minutes. The key is, I’ll only be able to upload the good photos. I should learn about post processing.

Tuesday movie: Casino Royale

November 22, 2006

This is the latest installment in the Bond series. I liked it, though it didn’t live upt to my expectaions based on what I had heard from other people. Then again I like most movies, and I can think of a lot of ones that are better than this one.  Still, it was worth the $5 it costs me to see it at the theater near my office on Tuesdays.

******* Some spoilers *******

The poker was not very good.  The only good note was the explanation of a semi bluff that ended up sucking out as a bluff. The worst part was the betting patterns, consistently underbetting the pot and raises that were always the size of the bet.

It might be better than most recent bond movies because they had some character development. I wish they would have explored her not having a tell. I have to say, the plot just wasn’t that compelling. On more than one occasion, it dragged, especially because most of the action you anticipated occurred in the first half of the movie. Then there was a lull, then a little more action at the end. But like Pirates 2, the ending didn’t really wrap things up so you were just left unsatisfied.

I’ll put up pictures from Houston tomorrow.

We wants us a mastermind

November 15, 2006

Like one of my bad stories, this post will start from the end and work backward.

I was reading Rory talk about what blogging is good for. (Blogs are just a medium, he’s having trouble finding genuine good blogs.)

Which reminded me that I had written something down in my hipster pda. (15 3×5 notecards held together by a binder clip)

Which was, “Most compelling stories involve manipulation. What drove human intelligence and conceptualization.”

Meaning: the modern day superhero is the mastermind who can predict exquisitely what other people are going to do in advance. Examples: the guy from the others on lost with the weird eyes, the oracle from matrix 1, John Travolta from Be Cool, even Will Smith from hitch to some extent…  From evolution of desire, (i think), I learned that what drove human intelligence was trying to outsmart the next person, not our environment. On second thought, it wasn’t from evolution of desire, but that is still worth reading if you can get past the dryness.

Rory wonders where he should fit in the blogosphere, I wonder what I should put on this blog. (I may be part of the said sphere, but butterflies really don’t cause hurricanes.) It should just be personal, getting rid of all those grandiose ideas I had at one point or another.  On that note and to close, this has been a very good week, I’ve joined a gym and gone to it 3 times, cleaned up my room, and posted to this blog.

I want angles when watching football

November 12, 2006

Wouldn’t it be sweet if you could watch multiple angles when watching live events. Espn currently does this for really big college games on their various networks. There was just a play where the Eagles tried a flee-flicker. The redskins defence managed to get back and a long play didn’t happen, but it took a second cameramen to catch up. It would be amazing if i had some of the other angles streaming on my computer. Go skins.

The world’s policeman

November 6, 2006

I’ve been wondering recently how successful we can be at shaping world events. The invasion of Iraq has sent a message of our willingness to act, but there have obviously been many negative side effects. In other situations, we do very little and so many people suffer: Darfur and Zimbabwe. I have been reading articles about Robert Mugabe’s political repressions in Zimbabwe for close to a decade. The most recent is here. So at the end of the day, the question is: how much can and should we do to support those people around the wold struggling to improve their lives?