We wants us a mastermind

Like one of my bad stories, this post will start from the end and work backward.

I was reading Rory talk about what blogging is good for. (Blogs are just a medium, he’s having trouble finding genuine good blogs.)

Which reminded me that I had written something down in my hipster pda. (15 3×5 notecards held together by a binder clip)

Which was, “Most compelling stories involve manipulation. What drove human intelligence and conceptualization.”

Meaning: the modern day superhero is the mastermind who can predict exquisitely what other people are going to do in advance. Examples: the guy from the others on lost with the weird eyes, the oracle from matrix 1, John Travolta from Be Cool, even Will Smith from hitch to some extent…  From evolution of desire, (i think), I learned that what drove human intelligence was trying to outsmart the next person, not our environment. On second thought, it wasn’t from evolution of desire, but that is still worth reading if you can get past the dryness.

Rory wonders where he should fit in the blogosphere, I wonder what I should put on this blog. (I may be part of the said sphere, but butterflies really don’t cause hurricanes.) It should just be personal, getting rid of all those grandiose ideas I had at one point or another.  On that note and to close, this has been a very good week, I’ve joined a gym and gone to it 3 times, cleaned up my room, and posted to this blog.


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