Tuesday movie: Casino Royale

This is the latest installment in the Bond series. I liked it, though it didn’t live upt to my expectaions based on what I had heard from other people. Then again I like most movies, and I can think of a lot of ones that are better than this one.  Still, it was worth the $5 it costs me to see it at the theater near my office on Tuesdays.

******* Some spoilers *******

The poker was not very good.  The only good note was the explanation of a semi bluff that ended up sucking out as a bluff. The worst part was the betting patterns, consistently underbetting the pot and raises that were always the size of the bet.

It might be better than most recent bond movies because they had some character development. I wish they would have explored her not having a tell. I have to say, the plot just wasn’t that compelling. On more than one occasion, it dragged, especially because most of the action you anticipated occurred in the first half of the movie. Then there was a lull, then a little more action at the end. But like Pirates 2, the ending didn’t really wrap things up so you were just left unsatisfied.

I’ll put up pictures from Houston tomorrow.


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