Things I Wish I Were Pursuing

December 20, 2006

It’s a lot easier for me to come up with ideas than implement them or think about the details involved. Here are some ideas that I wish I were working on, and who knows, maybe I’ll start them soon.

  1. Online accounting app with modified double entry accounting.

    It would be ajaxy and let me keep track of my expenses whether I’m at home or at work. Also, it would use tags instead of accounts so that a dinner while traveling could count both toward a food expense and toward a travel expense.

  2. Deal of the Day FeedTree Tracker

    What sparks this is the trouble one always has when trying to find a woot-off tracker that doesn’t crash. They are useful in the first place because they take some of the load off of the woot servers themselves. This would just make the tracker an app that is peer to peer. Once you have it set up for woot, there’s no reason it couldn’t expand to other deal of the day things like SteepAndCheap and the ones listed here.

  3. There are more, but maybe i’ll get into them later.