RoutinesPrepare yourself for some ramblings. I’ll have a more topical post tomorrow. Routines are how we pass time, and how time passes us by. They play a trick on the mind, at least my mind, and alter our perception of reality.

They are a good thing when you’re in the middle of a swim set. Paying close attention to the laps that go by just makes them harder. However, routines can be dangerous at a larger scale. Breadths turn into hours turn into days turn into weeks turn into seasons. Before you know it, it’s January and you haven’t written thank you notes for graduation gifts you received in May. Those seasons turn into years turn into decades.

I’m afraid of letting time in the future slip by like I did the past 8 months. I’ll try to do better when I wake up tomorrow.

I have to cut back my blog reading because everything is a tradeoff.


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