Breaking Routine

February 4, 2007

Last week I broke routine. I had a deadline for Friday that I almost made, and sort of got extended till Monday. There’s an issue in software development of the difference between the lack of a feature and a bug. I imiplemented something that works in most cases, but not in all, so it’s not the end of the world, but that’s not the point of the story.

Last time, I wrote about routines, and there is nothing like breaking routines. I worked 60 hours this week before leaving Friday at 1 pm. That doesn’t include 6 hours I spent reading things online, and 2 hours I spent playing ping pong. It does include not leaving the office between 11 pm thursday and 11:30 am Friday. The other days, I would come home, and go straight to sleep. Wake up and go straight to work. Lots of personal things didn’t get done, but there are about 17 waking hours in a day.

It’s weird being so consumed with a problem. Alas, due to the work, I can’t discuss the specific challenges, but it was out of the ordinary to be be working that much in such a short period of time on one thing. It was interesting while it lasted, but I’m looking forward to different development next time.

This video is cool.