Music Association

“Every time I hear that song, I go back” – Kenny Chesney, I Go Back

I find it amazing how listening to certain cds/songs can call to mind very detailed memories. It just hit me with Pet Sounds reminding me of the ’05 Summer when I got a truck with a CD player and that CD stayed in there for weeks. Start Static always reminds me of Freshman year. I guess the final one is Bridges and Breakdowns, which takes me back to a month during senior year when I did very little work and played entirely too many sudokus, often listening to that CD. It’s just amazing how powerful the experience is. A couple weekends ago Brett mentioned a similar thing. What songs/cds do you strongly associate with a time and place? (You can pretend that when I ask a question, people respond to me via email because they don’t like sharing.)


One Response to Music Association

  1. Here’s a couple for ya…

    – Dave Matthews / Crash reminds me of senior year of High School
    – Bob Dylan / Blood on the Tracks reminds me of Freshman year of college
    – My Bloody Valentine / Loveless reminds me of Sophomore year
    – Interpol / Turn on the Bright Lights reminds me of summer @ MS
    – Bob Dylan / The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan reminds me of you =)
    – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah reminds me of second semester senior year
    – Jay-Z / Reasonable Doubt reminds me of my first few months @ Google.

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