Good Sentences and Paul Graham

Paul Graham is one of my favorite writers. He typically writes about startups and technology. His essays are longer than typical fare on the internet these days, but always well thought out. Here is the sentence from Why to Not Start a Startup:

A reporter once asked David Beckham if there were any language problems at Real Madrid, since the players were from about eight different countries. He said it was never an issue, because everyone was so good they never had to talk. They all just did the right thing.

This is what it was like when Brett and Andrew played halo. Exactly what it was like. When I was playing, I needed quite a bit more direction.


2 Responses to Good Sentences and Paul Graham

  1. Evan says:

    Graham neglects to note that Real Madrid was a huge disappointment while Beckham was there. They underachieved and never won a title in the supernovas era.

  2. Fratty, it’s “Why to Not Not Start a Startup.” Kinda makes a difference.

    P.S. You fail to have an RSS link anywhere.

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