Sad Condemnation of the UN Human Rights Council

Is there any response to this refutation of the work the UN Human Rights Council has done? (I’ll admit, I didn’t actually look for any, it just confirmed my previous notions on the effectiveness of the UN) Via an Economist blog. (Democracy in America recently switched to partial feeds which is just sad.)


One Response to Sad Condemnation of the UN Human Rights Council

  1. Cynthia says:

    i don’t know if you read the replies to your blog, but if you do, i’ll start responding to them this way so i don’t have to write you emails all the time.

    did you know i got selected for a super-elite united nations association fellowship? all the best graduate students from all over dc get together once a week to talk about UN issues. i subscribed to the UN watch biweekly updates so i’ll have lots to add to conversation. thanks for posting that link.

    i keep thinking about how you want me to start a blog and how i feel like i have nothing to say. the one thing that would be pretty easy to do, and maybe actually useful to my friends who aren’t in international development grad school, would be to summarize what i learn in class every week. sounds boring, kind of, but subscribers (all two or three of them) would get for free what i’m paying bunches of money for.

    so let me know if you read these comments. and whether you’d subscribe to aforementioned blog and leave comments. it’d be almost as good as actually hanging out.

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