From an article in the NYT. My favorite sentence:

But people have become brattier as the children of the Consciousness Revolution, encouraged to indulge their inner child, have come of age.

The most ironic part is this, though:

To Kyle Doss, an audience member who helped spark Michael Richards’s tirade at a Los Angeles comedy club last November by yelling “You’re not funny” following a racially charged joke, he was not a heckler, but a champion of tolerance. “I think freedom of speech should have some kind of limit,” Mr. Doss later told a reporter.

In the rest of the article, people are promoting their own freedom of speech. I definitely come down on the side that people should be more polite to each other, including when they are famous. There is some interesting historical context in the piece as well.

Update: Just to make it clear, the second quote is the exception not the rule of the article. When free speech is mentioned int he rest of the article it’s in defense of the hecklers.


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