Gore’s Congressional Testimony

Here is a harsh review of Gore’s recent testimony. It includes a little history and, in my view, good analysis. I wonder if someone could point me to a good response. My favorite part of the article:

There are three fundamental problems that policymakers must confront: the technological limits on our ability to cut emissions; the cost of large-scale emissions reductions (if they become possible), and the so-called “China-India” problem—the fact that the developing world, the fastest-growing source of emissions and soon to be the source of the majority of global emissions, has a free pass under the Kyoto system that Gore helped create.

Gore’s position on all three of these issues is to essentially dismiss them with a wave of his hand. These problems may or may not be insurmountable in the long run, but refusing to recognize that they even exist—after spending eight years as vice president in an administration that failed to solve any of them—certainly is not a good approach.

Like I said, it was harsh on Gore, but I do think they did a good job of building up to that second paragraph.


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