“Why Are They Doing This?”

The political game the Democrats are playing has gone farther than it should have. Before they took over the congress they were complaining that there had been no feasible plan for winning the war. Now that such plan exists and thousands of American soldiers are working hard with the millions of good Iraqis to make it work, they wish to turn their backs on it.

Omar Fadhil wonders at the Democrats’ actions. He may be viewing the world through rose colored glasses, as signaled by his blog’s name Iraq the Model (of democracy in the Middle East). However, I can’t helped but be moved by his account. As I see it, the Democrats could be right, and the longer we stay, the worse we make the world. Or the Republicans could be right, and we are making progress and if we stay to finish the job, we will leave Iraq in a reasonably stable position.

It all comes down to the relative chances. If the Republican view has a nontrivial chance, though, I think it’s worth pursuing. I wish the Democrats would wait 2 years till the presidential election to see if this plays out. That doesn’t seem likely to happen, though, because the Democrats took power on their anti-war position. I worry for the world.

Update: got to this account of private contractors in Iraq. I suppose articles like those are the reason for Democrats’ dismay. Compelling stuff.


One Response to “Why Are They Doing This?”

  1. danvk says:

    What bugs me most about the Republican approach to this has been Bush accusing Dems of “playing politics” with the troops. General Casey was in charge of American forces in Iraq, and was opposed to “the Surge”. So Bush replaced him with someone who’d buy his plan. How is that _not_ playing politics with the troops exactly?

    Two years is too long. The surge was originally supposed to be showing signs of progress by now, but instead there’s headlines like “The White House Scales Back Talk of Iraq Progress” (http://www.nytimes.com/2007/04/28/washington/28prexy.html?em&ex=1177992000&en=d07c37352f15001a&ei=5087) I’ll bet it would be interesting to go back and read some of the debates over Vietnam withdrawal from 35 years ago.

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