Let’s make this bumper sticker

May 18, 2007

“Please tax me to encourage a long-term shift away from harmful emissions” from Fortune via Mankiw.


Everyone blames special interests

May 15, 2007

Here is a great article about why we are misplacing the blame. As the child of economists, one paragraph does not apply to me:

Unfortunately, most people resist even the most basic lessons of economics. As every introductory teacher of the subject knows, students are not blank slates. On the first day of class, they arrive with strong — and usually misguided — beliefs about economics. Convincing students to rethink their anti-market views is no easy task.

Sidenote: where should one place the link in a sentence? I used to think it should follow the sentence structure:

Here is a useless link to google.

But at the top of this post, I wanted you to read the whole sentence before worrying about clicking. I guess, times, they are a changing. (A non sequitur, sure, but I couldn’t resist)