Let’s make this bumper sticker

“Please tax me to encourage a long-term shift away from harmful emissions” from Fortune via Mankiw.


3 Responses to Let’s make this bumper sticker

  1. Evan says:

    Are the emissions harmful enough to be worth the transition costs?

  2. Ian says:

    You make it on Cafepress.com and I’ll buy a half dozen. I’m glad the libertarian is finally seeing the utility of taxes.

  3. Evan: There is high variance in the estimates. I don’t think we should go crazy, as the article states. However, taxing gas in particular somewhat addresses other externalites, like congestion, and other forms of polution.

    Ian: Libertarians always like taxes, just a lot less than you democrats do, and to pay for a lot fewer things. They don’t seem to get their kicks out of taking rich people’s money 🙂 (or any people’s for that matter)

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