I donated.

November 6, 2007

I’ll have more posts soon, but this is timely. I donated to Ron Paul’s campaign and here’s my sickly rambling of the number of reasons.

  • I don’t like any of the leading Democratic Candidates.
  • I used to like Giuliani till I read this article about his speeches in London. I no longer believe he’s that much better than the next guy. I like his social policies, but he’s got his own set of faults.
  • When I started supporting (rooting for) Giuliani he was more of an underdog, because of his liberal nature.
  • I mostly read economists and get my news through them. I don’t like watching MSM news and haven’t taken the time to watch the debates. However, I’ve had a number of discussions recently that have been so refreshing by people who have heard Ron Paul and starting hearing libertarian ideas for the first time. This has been refreshing.
  • Ron Paul is different than all the other candidates. He’s more principled and more extreme. It’s scares me a little to think about what would happen if he wins. I think that sort of breath of fresh air could be do though.

Anyway, I’m sick (like, physically ill, not anything relating to politics). Any thoughts?

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