My Blog Sucks

A number of friends came into town a little while ago. We had great merriment spread out between Fairfax, Arlington, and DC. At one point, the conversation turned to my blog. It was generally agreed upon that by blog was poorly written and just not that worthwhile.

Fast forward a couple weeks and Joel (on software) has a series of posts relating his undergraduate education to his career. In the first one, he highlights the importance of being able to write clearly about technical topics. It’s pretty clear in his case how key that has been to his success. It convinced me that I need to improve my writing. So I hereby apologize for all my previous posts and hope that it will improve from here on out.


4 Responses to My Blog Sucks

  1. liquid06 says:

    Hey, blogs don’t always have to be “good”. Some are more like journals or personal observations rather than media intended for reading by a large number of people. So many blogs are about personal things, too, but someone, somewhere might find those interesting! I wouldn’t want friends judging my blogs anyway – most of them have no idea!

  2. Jack says:

    Not only that, but I’m guessing all those jokers were just giving you a hard time. Otherwise, why would any of them read it if it were so bad.

  3. Brett Bretterson says:

    You are more in-touch with your thought process than most people, particularly considering that you think out loud, so I think that is strong point of yours that you is incorporated into your writing.

    I do have to be honest though, I haven’t been a consistent reader of your blog, or really any blogs, so I can’t comment specifically on your blog and your writing style. But, I will make a more diligent effort.

    Two tips I can give you are to keep writing and to welcome criticism. Both obvious points really. However, I have found through work that these points have helped improve my writing most.

  4. Pymnageastymn says:

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