Yes, we can.

If you haven’t seen the video, you must watch it. Even if you have, you should watch it again.

Considering my feelings toward Clinton has given me greater understanding of what my liberal friends felt toward Bush. When I talk to people who talk about politics a lot, most of them don’t think Clinton would fare that much worse than Obama in the general election. They are wrong. Clinton will lose the general election, if nominated and Obama will win it. They don’t understand how broad his appeal is. They don’t understand how much he disheartens conservatives. They don’t understand how right he was to compare himself to Reagan. He is what a politician should be. His message is what a politician’s message should be.

Speaking about Reagan, he said “[Reagan] tapped into what people were already feeling. We want clarity. We want optimism.” Here’s the video. Anyway, on account of the fact that the Democratic election is more in doubt than the Republican, I’m going to vote for Obama tomorrow. I want to see what he would do in Washington. It wouldn’t be nearly as much as his supporters hope for or believe, but it would be so much more than his detractors think. He defies categorization (though he is truly a Democrat). As Clive Crook says, he is a once-in-a-generation candidate. Every time I watch the Yes, we can video, I get chills up my spine. At first I thought it was just cold. You should read the artist’s inspiration on the left side.

Update: If the dipdive link doesn’t work above, here is the lower quality youtube.


3 Responses to Yes, we can.

  1. danvk says:

    Your best post yet, Craig! It would be better if you embedded the YouTube video, though. Glad to hear your perspective on Obama, and I’m glad you’re voting for him tomorrow!

  2. Brett Bretterson says:

    I agree that if Obama is elected for the Democratic bid, he has much more appeal and much better chances than Clinton to win.

    Also, I actually haven’t seen that video. Good to watch. Also good to see your thought process behind voting for Obama tomorrow. Myself, I haven’t made up my mind. There are several pros and cons to each candidate right now, whereas the previous years seemed to have more defined lines amongst candidates.

  3. Jack says:

    Vote for him twice, for me! Stupid closed Maryland primary.

    I heard him speak at a rally yesterday in downtown Baltimore. There were moments when I literally got goosebumps from hearing his conviction and his plain truth. And it is absolutely amazing.

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