Grassroots for Obama

An here-to-fore untold part of the campaign:

If you want to understand how Barack Obama has been so successful thus far in his bid for the Democratic nomination you could do a lot worse than walk into the Alamobama office in Suite 106 at 301 Broadway, a stone’s throw from the Alamo in downtown San Antonio, Texas. It’s a hive of activity with a dozen or so people hard at work, communicating via a network of more than 600 active volunteers.

It has computers, sofas and desks, everything you would expect in a modern office and is decorated with some striking Obama graphics. The thing that sets it apart from a regular campaign office is that not a penny has been spent on it from campaign funds – everything (including the office itself) has been donated. And all the staff are volunteers, part of a group set up more than a year ago but which now forms the basis of Obama’s presidential bid in one of the biggest cities in Texas. So how did this happen?

read the rest here. On a side note, it sort of makes you wonder how effective campaign finance reform would be. More accurately, it makes me wonder.


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