Adventure Indeed

My favorite line from the story:

He has now disassembled the engine into little piles of metal pieces.

One of my favorite parts about reading blogs is the diversity. I can get topics and personalities from across the board. I will here catagorize my favorite blogs:


  • Megan McArdle: Former writer for The Economist.
  • Marginal Revolution: Two economics professors from George Mason. Economics mixed with moderate libertarianism.
  • Cafe Hayek: Two more economics professors from George Mason. Intelligent defense of more extreme libertarianism.
  • Greg Mankiw: Harvard professor, former member of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers. More links than commentary, but a long time proponent of Carbon Taxes, and the blog that got me started down this trend.


  • Tynan has three blogs:
    1. Life Nomadic: is him and his friend spending a year on the road. Pretty incredible stuff. The link at the start of the story.
    2. Tynan is… Better Than Your Boyfriend: His personal blog. Some people might be offended by the title alone, but if you want an opinion you haven’t heard before, he’s got it. A lot of what he talks about how he goes about achieving his goals. I promise he’s not the A-hole that the title makes him sound.
    3. Best in the Land: He makes a convincing argument that everything on there is far superior to secondary choices.
  • Mark Cuban: Whatever a smart billionaire wants to talk about. Basketball, HDTV, Technology more generally, the Internet, Entrepreneurship…
  • Violent Acres: Offensive, vulgar language, sometimes self-centered. I always find her interesting, except when she gets in spats with other bloggers. Frequently I find her right.
  • Dilbert Blog: Random thought from the creator of Dilbert. One post per day. Can be exceptional at times.


  • Coding Horror: Excellent blog for people in software. (also a recent addition)
  • Joel on Software: More infrequent posts. A legend in software blogging. He sometimes talks about his very innovative company in NYC.
  • Paul Graham: Most infrequent posts. He writes essays not blog posts. He’s a venture capitalist who made his money developing what would be bought by Yahoo to make Yahoo Stores.

Question for the readers: Should this have been two posts? Would you have preferred the title, “A Few of My Favorite Things?”


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