Clive Crook on Palin

Concerning the expected emails he got from the left and from the right about his Palin Article:

But these were outnumbered–vastly outnumbered–by emails from ex- or wavering Democrats who say they feel disappointed or betrayed by the party’s spokesmen and advocates. Who knew this strand of opinion even existed?

Do read the article itself. Here’s Megan similarly.

I thought this was going to be a cake walk for Dems, but they just get so eager and stop trying to understand people who don’t already agree with them. (Not that I would ever make blanket generalizations.) When I saw Obama drop to 52 on intrade, I thought it was too low, but now I wonder. I guess I’m still a buyer, you know, in the world where I don’t actually have to put any money on the line. Electoral Vote still favors him, but it just goes against my grain to think I’m smarter than the market.

Update: Here’s Scott Adams with some insight:

Palin also has the benefit of making McCain look more presidential by comparison. Call it the Dan Quayle effect. By way of contrast, Obama is in the position of having a running mate who is clearly more experienced than him, just as smart, and lacks only charisma. That exacerbates Obama’s problem of looking like a celebrity and not a leader.


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