Authoritarian Capitalism

From an interesting article on the international challenges liberal democracies face (HT Jacob Grier):

Now, in China, we glimpse the prospect of a modernity which is both non-Western and illiberal. But is authoritarian capitalism a stable, durable model? That, it seems to me, is among the greatest questions of our time — which is still a post- 9/11 time, but also a post-8/8 time and, ecologically, a five-minutes-to-midnight time.

Zogby spoke at my college and mentioned an interesting study about student visas. When you allow a student from the Middle East to study in the US, he goes back with a much higher view of the West on a host of issues. In addition, his entire family and people who know him end up with a higher view. Of course, in the wake of 9/11, we cut back the number we were allowing, and I don’t know what it has done recently. It seems to me more liberal immigration policies would do a lot to spread out ideas.


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