Liar’s Poker Revisited

Michael Lewis, author of Liar’s Poker wrote a followup article. Highlights include:

  • How the reaction to his book differed from what he expected.
  • How Steve Eisman discovered what a sham certain market creations were and how he profited off the fall
  • A conversation with the former CEO of Solomon Brothers, who took it public, and was eventually ruined by Michael Lewis’s book

I might have more commentary later, but I’m interested in what my friends think. Please share below :).


2 Responses to Liar’s Poker Revisited

  1. nein says:

    The financial industry is a sham; no, that’s too kind. The finance sector is a parasite.

    It’s just people pushing around paper and numbers creating absolutely no value living off the productivity of others. No better than a pyramid scheme.

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