Initial thoughts on Twitter

I Want Sandy is going away. It was a great service where you can send a brief email saying something like, “remind me to call my sister on 11/19 @sms” and it would send you an email and text reminder on the instructed day. It was exactly what I needed. The company has been purchased by Twitter, but the service will be discontinued.

That was the impetus for me to sign up for Twitter. I have some friends who have been using it and swear by it. So I took the plunge. The first choice was what name to use. Over the years, I’ve grown attached to the handle trikyguy, but I decided to be out there and use fratrik. On a side note, when I started this blog, I thought I was being anonymous. The email on the About page doesn’t include my name and the url doesn’t include my name. Several months later, I realized each post was getting tagged with Craig Fratrik. So much for anonymity.

Concerning Twitter, so far I’ve used it to share a couple interesting posts as I read them. I’m not integrated in the community sufficiently to actually have a conversation yet, but that’s what a lot of people swear by. It seems to me like light-weight blogging. (Obviously I’m not the first person to have said something like this about Twitter.) I wish it helped me find links after the fact. If I post something here, even if it’s just a link, it’s a lot easier to find after the fact. I’ll let you guys know how it goes.


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