San Francisco First Weekend Happenings

So you followed the roadtrip if you were reading my facebook or twitter updates. Here’s a breakdown of the rest.


  • Arrive at Dan’s place after a little bit of time lost in San Francisco
  • Go to holiday party. Introduce myself and admit I know virtually no one. I’m like a lost puppy
  • Win Snowboard 😀


  • Walk around a lot with Dan. Including to the top of Buena Vista. Pretty cool view
  • House (warming) party with Dan and his friends


  • Breakfast with Dan and his gf
  • Afternoon of football and conversation with two coworkers in Mountain View at uWink
  • Find a “great” parking spot two blocks from Dan’s
  • Crepes with April, her bf, Dan, and his gf


  • Get out of the house with plenty of time to drive to Facebook
  • Find car has been towed (I had absentmindedly parked directly in front of a driveway)
  • Call friend who lives in SF and works at FB who doesn’t answer
  • Try to call a cab company
  • Get a call back from friend. Yes he can take me. I need to get to his place
  • Wait approximately 30 minutes for a cab, with two SF people stealing ones before me. I don’t know cab etiquette
  • Get to his place, get through traffic, get to my first day at work 20 minutes late
  • Play poker after work with work people and clean up


  • Walk two miles to car depot. Find out my stupidity has cost me another $400

One of the funny things is. I still feel like I came out ahead between the snowboard and the towing. Maybe it’s because I found another Fratty story.


2 Responses to San Francisco First Weekend Happenings

  1. Sounds like fun times so far… I guess you decided to live in the city?

    Plan on putting that new snowboard to good use?

  2. Yeah. If I can afford any snowboarding after I pay rent.

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