Friday Night Lights

I gave up my habit after the first season, but if Yeah Right asks nicely, how can I refuse. Setting your dvr remotely, FTW. Oh, and being able to watch the second season online is pretty cool too. Bleg: I need to buy an HDMI cable, and I’ve heard there are good deals online. Any recommendations?


2 Responses to Friday Night Lights

  1. GRob says:

    You can get an HDMI cable from for around $5 with shipping.
    I got a few of em and they work great

  2. Jack says:, any length, color, size you want for any kind of cable, ever. I just bought three HDMI cables this week, varying lengths, different colors (makes wiring a breeze) and also a DVI->HDMI cable (they’re pin compatible) for hooking up a CPU. Also, they’re located in your neck of the woods, so you can order with standard shipping and have it in 24 hours.

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