What could we do intead of what our politicians are recommending?

I haven’t really been following anything closely since I started my move. Dealing with a new place and new job doesn’t leave much time for blog reading. But this strikes a chord. Politicians want to be like our parents, and promise us that they’ll make everything better. Sometimes it just takes time to heal, (kind of mixing my analogies) and panicking just makes everything worse.

Marginal Revolution: What instead? 2

4) Don’t Panic. This is the policy that has cured most recessions. The do anything and do it now mindset feeds panic. I do think this recession will be longer than average and quite deep, it is a concern that it is worldwide. But recessions are normal and we have unemployment insurance and other assistance programs to help people through tough times. The economy will recover and its very possible to make things worse by trying to make things better.


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