Wikipedia’s Inclusionists and Deletionists

Stack overflow linked to an interesting post by Nicholas Carr about two camps of Wikipedia contributors.

Inclusionists believe that there should be no constraints on the breadth of the encyclopedia – that Wikipedia should include any entry that any contributor wants to submit. An article on a small-town elementary school is no less worthy for inclusion than an article on Stanford University.

Deletionists believe in weeding out entries that they view as trivial or otherwise inappropriate for a serious encyclopedia.

He posed it as a chioce. We can discover what an unbounded wikipedia can turn into, or we can discover how high quality a volunteer encyclopedia can become. But we can’t do both. He says maybe it’ll fork, but I doubt it, because then you have to duplicate effort for the overlap. Hopefully danvk will slap us with some knowledge.


One Response to Wikipedia’s Inclusionists and Deletionists

  1. danvk says:

    I’m an inclusionist. I don’t see a split happening, that’s far too dramatic and harmful to both sides.

    I tend to think that people make too big a deal about this divide. In practice, most edits make sense in either way of thinking.

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