Facebook and SF Update

In VA, I lived in a nice townhouse with three other people. I was happy to save money by living in the smallest room. It was 9′ x 9′. When I moved out to SF, I decided to go to the other end of the spectrum. Thus, I have an enormous one bedroom loft in Mission Bay (SOMA). I hope friends come to visit :). Facebook is going well. There are an extraordinary number of interesting problems. Considering we have ~1 million active users/developer, I suppose that’s to be expected. This is definitely a place where one’s work is highly leveraged. (We are always looking for more engineers, so if I know you and you might be interested, drop me a line.)

Facebook is setup so that during your first 6 (for me 8 due to vacation) weeks, you are given diverse, but somewhat trivial, bugs in what they call bootcamp. The advantages are several fold. As a new developer (hereafter called n00b), it always takes time to get up to speed with a code base. Thus something that would take a more experienced employee 2 hours to fix, might take a n00b 8 or even 16. But, by working on a diverse set of problems, the n00b gets familiar with a broad spectrum of the code base. As the n00b solves the bugs, he or she gets to know various people around the company. Also, full time employees just don’t have time for all these minor tasks. Finally, since the problems to solve are usually minor, they typically don’t overwhelm the n00b.

The teams I am interested in are, in order, Internal Tools, Infrastructure, and Site Integrity. When I was at my last company, I started reading about bug tracking software as well as version control. For some reason, I”m just really interested in how software companies manage their process. I guess it takes my interest in software and combines it with my interest in people. When the bootcamp manager heard that I was actually interested in an email thread we were having about our bug tracking, he instantly thought Internal Tools would be a good fit, and I agree. Hopefully, I’ll talk about the interesting problems the other two teams face at a later time.

For a while, I didn’t have furniture, just a nice apartment. However, I lucked into some free, gently used couches and decided to get a nice bed and mattress from ikea. I own one cooking utensil, but facebook provides all my meals during the week. The food there is quite good, significantly more flavorful and healthy than what I would prepare for myself. I’m very close to the train so my commute in the evening is often an hour, but I spend almost all of it with access to the internet, so I can’t complain.


2 Responses to Facebook and SF Update

  1. g says:

    Almost all of an hour with internet access…on a train…daily! So there’s really no more excuse for the infrequent blog updates, right? 😉

  2. Indeed. It’s so incredibly easy to share information on Facebook with the firefox toolbar that I end up putting a lot more stuff up there. I’ll try to get the longer stuff in here.

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